Let's democratize AI before it's captivated by giants

Catformer; intelligent, agile, obedient AI-assistant.

CI is your assistant as intelligent as an expert, as agile as a gazelle, and listens to your words like a kitten and executes like a dog!

Multi-modal transformers contextual do more with less.

Train your machine to do your repetitive tasks.

Text / Files

Input commands as text, copy raw data, or upload images/spreadsheets. The system converts context, commands, and data into sequential tasks.

Voice command

Two-way chat with AI-assistant for efficient command execution, data entry and improves process speed and efficiency.

Physical interaction

Activate webcam monitoring for AI-assistant command recognition and feedback reinforcement.


Open source + Open protocol conversational interface.

All applications, developers, and platforms are welcome.

  1. 1

    Connect Apps

    Easily connect daily services and apps with one-click oAuth2 authentication, enabling your assistant to perform actions in the outside world.

  2. 2

    Order Tasks

    Maximize productivity by dividing tasks into commands and data and feeding them to your AI assistant. Accomplish more work or study efficiently.

  3. 3

    Train Your Model

    Enhance your assistant's performance by using built-in reward/punishment feedback for training. Make work more enjoyable and create a unique AI.


Unlock AI power in your business.

Provide a seamless experience across all applications and services.

blog iOS SDK

Easily integrate the conversational interface into your iOS apps with a few lines of code.

blog Python Lib

Access new features and experiment with ideas using the Python CI library's powerful conversational interface. Create and fine-tune custom models for optimal results.

blog Web App Kit

With the CI Web App Kit, you can embed a conversational interface for your users and receive functions and data in the back-end.

blog Android SDK

Quickly integrate conversational interface capabilities into your Android apps with minimal code.

blog Flutter SDK

Integrate conversational interface functionality into cross-platform Flutter SDK.

blog Laravel SDK

The Laravel CI SDK simplifies interaction with CI services and APIs with just a few lines of code. Easy and convenient.

Accessible pricing.

Early adopters and developers enjoy free access, while companies contribute a modest percentage of their revenue to cover computing costs.

Free $5.99
  • Full model
  • Unlimited threads
  • Unlimited triggers
  • Unlimited applets
  • Local models
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*Free for early adopters and community.

Free $99 / year
  • Developer account & Marketplace
  • Access APIs
  • Native iOS/Android SDK
  • Web app SDK
  • Custom fine-tune models
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*Free for early adopters and community.

$599 / month
  • All developer features
  • Custom fine-tune models
  • Unlimited API calls
  • Dedicated computation power
  • Advance reporting
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